10 Awesome Design Tools To Help Enhance Your Online Marketing

From the earliest days of sales and marketing, what prospects see, rather than what they read or hear, has often determined the campaign’s success. Today, the professionals from Oxygen Marketing will tell you that whether it be a drawing, a photograph, an infographic, a video, a logo, a colour, or a font, they have all made positive differences in the success of a marketing campaign.

At one time, graphics and imagery were the domain of skilled graphic artists and designers; to be fair, their talents still have a massive role in the world of marketing today. However, with the advance of technology, several tools and software have allowed almost anyone to create high-quality designs. As such, we would like to share 10 of the best of them with you so that if you wish to test your design skills for your next marketing campaign, you can do so.

Canva: Probably one of the most well-known and popular sites on the internet for those who need marketing graphics and want a simple and affordable way to create them. CCanva’s drag-and-drop interface can be used to create infographics, logos, charts, graphs, or just about anything visual you can think of.

Venngage: As with Canva, it would probably be quicker to tell you what Venngage cannot be used to create than list all the graphical assets for your marketing that it can be used to make. It has a free and paid version, with the paid version opening up many additional templates and customisations.

Pic Monkey: Whereas graphic creation software like Photoshop needs to be downloaded to your PC, the benefit of Pic Monkey is that it is cloud-based. This means you can access it from any location and device. It is beneficial for creating marketing graphics from its vast array of backgrounds and templates.

Pexels: Photographs play a massive role in marketing, primarily online, where people prefer to see what is being promoted rather than read about it. In addition, photographs can be taken in various ways, including on websites, advertisements, social et, etc. Pixels provides a vast vault of stock photography for all your marketing.

Design Wizard: Its ability to create and edit videos can be a tremendous asset in your marketing campaigns. With a free and paid version, it has plenty of templates to get you started and is especially popular with those who wish to market on social media.

Weld: Weld is your solution if you like using animations to market your business. You might not create a Disney class, but you can produce high-quality animations and interactive content with its drag-and-drop feature using Weld editor using Weld.

Piktochart: Infographics are hugely popular amongst marketers, but more importantly, regular internet users love them, too, as they provide the information they are looking for in easy-to-understand formats. Piktochart has 100s infographic templates you can customise to suit your prospects best.

Colorzilla: Coca Cola = Red. Facebook = BlueMcDonald’s’s arMcDonald’slow. This flags the importance of colour in ma s, so Colorzilla will be a valuable tool for you. It can help you analyse colours you find online, match colours, and see colour gradients that ideally suit your marketing needs.

Visme: Anyone looking for the ‘Swiss army knife’ of marketin’ graphics will find it in Visme. Capable of helping you create infographics, presentations, web content, web banners, and animations, it is one of the most versatile design tools you could wish for to support your marketing.

Crowdspring: This is a bit of a cheat because with Crowdspring you do not design and create the graphics; someone else does. You submit your requirements of what you want to make, and Crowdspring designers will get to work on developing them. There is a fee, but it is worth it when your marketing campaigns excel due to the professional designs you create for them.