Mandy Gilbert is
an entrepreneur, CEO, philanthropist, keynote speaker, investor, bestselling author and mom.

Mandy Gilbert is an entrepreneur, CEO, philanthropist, keynote speaker, investor, bestselling author and mom based in Toronto, Canada.

Having built two international businesses from the ground up, Mandy is committed to helping fellow entrepreneurs, leaders, and budding professionals achieve their goals. Learning from her success (and mistakes), she’ll share her inspiring journey from starting on her own to building two multi-million dollar enterprises.

With an honest, straightforward approach and no-nonsense advice, Mandy can speak on a diverse range of topics that affect every level of the corporate ladder. From senior marketing executives and HR professionals to entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and startups, no topic is off-topic.

Mandy’s speaking engagements have brought her around the world. From conferences to corporate events, here are a few of her most recent presentations:

Elevate, Toronto


Collision, Toronto


Web Summit, Lisbon


DWEN Global Summit, Toronto


DWEN Global Summit, Singapore


Women of Silicon Valley


KPMG / PWC Conference


DWEN Global Summit, Toronto

DWEN Global Summit

The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) connects female entrepreneurs
around the globe with networks, knowledge and insight that gives them power to do


MaRS brings together the innovation community to grow the economy and make an impact.

This talk for Entrepreneurship 101 Mandy was asked to present on how to build a
startup’s dream team and set yourself up for early-stage fundraising.

With a diverse portfolio and expertise, Mandy can share inspiring personal stories and key takeaways for any audience. Here are a few topics that she is regularly sought after for:

Talent Acquisition and Retention

In the last 15 years, Mandy and her team have interviewed over 10,000 people. Mandy can share valuable insights on what top talent wants today, as well as retention strategies to keep them growing and engaged.

Corporate Culture

How do you fix (and build) a high performing company and department with happy people and incredible work? Where do you start? These are two of the most important questions a leader can ask. The time to act is now.


Mandy has bootstrapped two companies that combined generate approximately $15M in revenue. Learn how she navigated the many ups and downs that come with entrepreneurship, and how to lead and brand yourself authentically.


Great leaders have a vision, trust their team, and give people the freedom to excel. Mandy’s presentation talks to leadership styles, including best practices for managing your team, the evolution of the roles, how to qualify talent, and how to lead from a place of understanding and collaboration.

Leading as a Woman

Women are better represented in business now than ever before, but still have a long way to go in navigating roles in leadership and entrepreneurship. Mandy will speak about ways to overcome insecurities and step-up to the plate in order to become a greater force in the business world. This includes never apologizing for your success, embracing your mistakes, taking risks, and managing the pressures of work-life balance.

Gender Diversity & Inclusion Talk

We have the data. We know women serving on boards and in positions of leadership are good for business. Yet, it’s easy to see that most leadership teams, entrepreneurs and boards are made mostly of white males. Typical Gender Diversity & Inclusion presentations are the same. Filled with data, panelists talking about the research they funded, the initiatives they have in place, or pointing out the obvious things that aren’t working. Mandy’s refreshing and thought-provoking keynote is specifically created for male-dominated sectors and executives-at-large to help them connect the dots between what it’s like to be the only woman at the table and what they can do to create an environment and culture that truly fosters collaboration and diversity from the top down.