5 Essential Elements That Ensure Your Garden Maintenance Business’s Website Design Is Effective

To many, the design of a website refers only to how it looks concerning its layout and graphics. However, when discussing new websites with highly skilled website designers at www.slinkywebdesign.com.au, they will explain that website design covers all aspects of its creation. This means the visuals, its functions, and all the coding used to bring the website into existence.

Suppose you are currently contemplating replacing or upgrading your company’s website. In that case, even if you are going to employ someone else to do so, such as a web design agency, you should know some of the guidelines that should be followed and the core elements that should be included in any new website design being created for your business.

Start With A Goal For Your Website In Mind

It shocks us when a client cannot tell us why they want a website in the first place. The idea that it is ‘what everyone else has’ is reason enough to have a website is not one with which we agree.

You should set one or more goals that you want your website to achieve to further your business’s cause. These goals should then be communicated to whoever is building your website so that its design complements and supports them.

Ensure Your Company Branding Is Prominent And Consistent

Brand recognition, and more importantly, trust in a brand, is hugely positive for any business, therefore you need to ensure that the branding that you have already have in place for your garden maintenance business is included within the design of your website.

The specifics of this include prominently displaying your company logo throughout your website, matching the colour scheme to your branding, and using fonts that match those used in your current marketing literature.

Simple Layouts Work Best For Most Websites

You are bound to have landed on a website yourself at some point and almost reeled back from your screen from what can only be described as an insult to your eyes. If not, then we are telling websites that seem to have been deliberately designed to be confusing.

This will include highly complex layouts, graphics that look like entries to an abstract art competition, inconsistent fonts, and random components on every page, such as images, blocks of text, and videos. Remember, keep it simple, and your website will work best.

Include All The Default Pages Every Website Should Have

Unless you have a good reason (and we cannot think of one), you should have certain pages visitors expect to find on websites. These include an ‘About Us’ page where visitors can learn more about your business, thus building their trust. It should also have a ‘Contact Us’ page for inquiries. If you can also add an FAQ page, it will be of great value and counts as quality content.

Insist That Quality Sources create all Content

No matter how great every other element of your website’s design is, it will count for nothing if the content which is published on it is poor,. Visitors will not like it, and will not return, not to mention how poorly Google will regard it when ranking your website. Insist that those designing your website employ quality writers and content producers who can create content of the very highest standards. Even if it costs more, it will pay huge dividends.