Top 7 Website Builders

For any business to succeed with its marketing online it must have a website. Whilst not every business will sell directly from its website, in fact, most do not, it still serves as an extremely important part of the sales process. A great website provides a visitor with an excellent first impression of the company, it can enhance its brand recognition, and develop trust from those who land on it.

All of these benefits, and the others that accrue from having a website, feed into the overall marketing and sales objectives of a business. The question now is, how do you create a website? The optimal route which we strongly recommend is to use a professional web design agency as they have the skills, experience and knowledge to design and create a website that is bound to be successful.

However, there is another option if your budget is not at the level which would justify using a web design agency, or if you simply want to experience the journey of planning and designing your website yourself. Assuming you are not a programmer or coder, the tool you need to build your website is unsurprisingly called a website builder. There are many on the market so to help you choose, here are our top 7 website builders.


One of the most popular CMS platforms on the internet, WordPress is also a tried and trusted means of building and managing websites. You have complete control of every aspect of your website, and with WordPress, there are thousands of themes that can be used for the design. In addition, plugins help you add functionality to your site so that you can provide enhanced features for visitors.


This website building software is cloud-based meaning you can access it anywhere and from any device which many will find convenient. It also hosts your website which negates the need to pay for a separate hosting service. Wix uses AI to help you design your website with a choice of over 500 templates, and it also has loads of apps that allow you to add additional features to your site.  Wix has a free version, however,  for a business website, a paid plan is recommended.


Smaller businesses looking for a simple website builder have found Weebly to be the ideal choice. It is especially popular due to the impressive number of features that are built into designs. Weebly might not have as many themes as the others (just 50) however, each of them is well-designed and very stylish. As with most website builders, it uses drag and drop and you have a choice of free or paid plans


Aimed at those that might have more creative ambitions for their website design, Duda offers a simple solution for those wishing to build one. With a drag and drop interface, you can opt for one of their 90 mobile-responsive templates, and for those who wish to experiment with the look of their site, it also enables you to customise much of its appearance.


This is a website builder that is more suited to those with some experience or prepared to take some time to learn its key features. In return, it provides several advanced features including one of the best design platforms of any website builder. This includes an array of 90 of the highest quality design templates.


From advanced we come now to a simple drag and drop website builder that is loved by beginners and those who have never attempted to build a website before. Everything is easy to use on Zyro, but that does not mean it does not offer some advanced features. One which might interest some business owners is the ability to create a logo for your website.


For those who wish to use WordPress, but want a website builder that is more advanced than the basic one WordPress has, then Elementor is your best option. It is actually a plugin but comes with all the features and options you need to build a high-quality website including 100s of templates.