5 Best Cloud-Based Marketing Tools

5 Best Cloud-Based Marketing Tools

Not that long ago, almost all of the software and tools that a business would use to make many of its operations quicker and easier had to be downloaded onto a desktop computer or laptop. While it may not have seemed a problem at the time, using software that way presented a few issues.

The first is that the software or tool could only be used on the computer that it was downloaded to. This meant that if a business needed more than one person to be able to use it, it had to buy multiple downloads or purchase a corporate licence, which invariably cost a significant amount.

Another issue was that as the software was loaded only to one computer if an employee’s role meant they went ‘on the road’, any task that relied on the software in question could not be done until they returned to their place of work and logged on to their primary computer.

There were other issues, such as if the software started to act up, no one was sure if it was a problem with the software or the computer it was loaded on. There could also be problems due to the computer not having enough disc space or having a slow CPU causing the software to run slowly. That is a lot of the issues created by something that is supposed to make life easier for a business.

Thankfully, software and tools for many functions, including those relating to a business, have moved on with the growth of what is called ‘cloud-based’ software. The cloud is nothing to do with weather but rather a term that describes software, tools, apps, and file storage running and operating online. This means instead of being downloaded to a single computer, it remains online and thus can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.

Cloud-based software and tools operate in every niche and can help with every task a business could need. As for any digital agency such as Tribeca Media,  there is a vast array of cloud-based solutions, but to narrow the field down for you, here are 5 of the most popular cloud-based marketing tools available today.

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