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10 Advantages Of Including An FAQ Page Within Your Web Design

10 Advantages Of Including An FAQ Page Within Your Web Design

When anyone lands on a website for the first time or is visiting a website to find information, one of the first things they will look for is either a search box, where they can enter a search query as they do in Google or for a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page (FAQ).

Of the two, a search box might be more accessible, as often all it requires is a plugin or app to be added to the website. Also, consider that an FAQ page needs the questions to be established and the answers determined, plus they all need to be written and published. However, that extra effort in creating an FAQ page and adding it to your web design can generate several advantages for your website and its performance. Listed below are ten of them.

People Appreciate Quick Answers To Their Questions: The most obvious advantage of getting your web designers to add an FAQ page is that it gives visitors to your website quick answers to the questions they want to be answered. It could be one of those answers is that takes them to the next stage of your sales process.

Conversions Are Increased: If they have answers and it moves them closer to a purchase, ultimately, you will find that conversions on your website increase. Even if you do not have an eCommerce site where sales happen directly, it should mean that more visitors follow the calls to action that are on your website.

Boosts Trust In Your Business: If you are prepared to answer as many questions as possible on your FAQ page including those which the answer might not always seem positive, then that honesty bodes well for visitors having a greater level of trust in your business than before.

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Top 7 Website Builders

Top 7 Website Builders

For any business to succeed with its marketing online it must have a website. Whilst not every business will sell directly from its website, in fact, most do not, it still serves as an extremely important part of the sales process. A great website provides a visitor with an excellent first impression of the company, it can enhance its brand recognition, and develop trust from those who land on it.

All of these benefits, and the others that accrue from having a website, feed into the overall marketing and sales objectives of a business. The question now is, how do you create a website? The optimal route which we strongly recommend is to use a professional web design agency as they have the skills, experience and knowledge to design and create a website that is bound to be successful.

However, there is another option if your budget is not at the level which would justify using a web design agency, or if you simply want to experience the journey of planning and designing your website yourself. Assuming you are not a programmer or coder, the tool you need to build your website is unsurprisingly called a website builder. There are many on the market so to help you choose, here are our top 7 website builders.


One of the most popular CMS platforms on the internet, WordPress is also a tried and trusted means of building and managing websites. You have complete control of every aspect of your website, and with WordPress, there are thousands of themes that can be used for the design. In addition, plugins help you add functionality to your site so that you can provide enhanced features for visitors.


This website building software is cloud-based meaning you can access it anywhere and from any device which many will find convenient. It also hosts your website which negates the need to pay for a separate hosting service. Wix uses AI to help you design your website with a choice of over 500 templates, and it also has loads of apps that allow you to add additional features to your site.  Wix has a free version, however,  for a business website, a paid plan is recommended.

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5 Key Questions You Must Ask When Selecting A Website Design Agency

If your construction company is in need of a new website, the options you have range from building it yourself (not recommended) through to employing a professional web design agency, which most certainly is recommended if you want the best website possible. Whether you wish to consider the specialist website designers at, or any other web design agency, there are five key questions which need to be answered during that selection process.

Answer each of these 5 questions, and it should give you enough evidence and insight into any web design agency in order to determine whether they are professional and skilled enough to build a website your construction company would be proud to have represent it online.

Can They Point You To Other Live Websites That They Have Previously Designed?

If you know any professional website designers, one thing they are not afraid to show you is their creations, given that they are proud of what they have produced for previous clients, with good reason. With that in mind, it bodes well if any web design agency you are considering is happy to steer you towards websites they are responsible for.

Where alarms bells should ring is if a web designer is reluctant to give you any URLs of websites and uses feeble excuses like ‘client confidentiality’. This is ridiculous given that websites are accessible to everyone online, so what are they trying to hide?

Does Their Planning Stage Include The Client And Their Ideas?

Any decent web designers will appreciate that a website exists to help promote the company which owns it, so it stands to reason that the owner(s) of that business might want to have some input into how they want it to look, and what they want included in it. A profession web design agency will happily listen to a client’s ideas and advise them what should and what should not be included to make their website the most effective it can be.

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How To Keep Visitors On Your Wills Lawyer Website For Longer With Great Web Design

How To Keep Visitors On Your Wills Lawyer Website For Longer With Great Web Design

One of the reasons you undoubtedly have a website for your wills lawyer business is the hope that if someone visits it they will take some action that moves them closer to becoming one of your clients. There will be many reasons why an individual chooses to take a positive action  such as requesting a call, or an appointment, or a negative one , such as clicking away immediately.

One of the biggest influences of those behaviours is going to be the design of your website. You will often hear online marketers wax lyrical about how important the content on your website is, and indeed that is true. However, how well or how poorly your website has been designed has just as much a say as to whether a visitors feels they wish to spend time there, or cannot leave quickly enough.

Apart from the obvious point about you losing a potential client if they click away, the time someone spends on your website can also play a significant role in where Google decides to rank your website. Great rankings are priceless as they can bring a lot of free traffic to your website, but conversely , poor rankings mean your website is effectively anonymous to those searching on Google for a wills lawyer.

So, if we want someone to stay on your website for longer, then what steps can you take to achieve that? The first thing to do is some research. You could ask friends, colleagues, and associates to give you an honest assessment of what they think about your website. There will be good and bad feedback and that can be invaluable in helping you decide what changes you need to make.

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5 Essential Elements That Ensure Your Garden Maintenance Business's Website Design Is Effective

5 Essential Elements That Ensure Your Garden Maintenance Business’s Website Design Is Effective

To many, the design of a website refers only to how it looks concerning its layout and graphics. However, when discussing new websites with highly skilled website designers at, they will explain that website design covers all aspects of its creation. This means the visuals, its functions, and all the coding used to bring the website into existence.

Suppose you are currently contemplating replacing or upgrading your company’s website. In that case, even if you are going to employ someone else to do so, such as a web design agency, you should know some of the guidelines that should be followed and the core elements that should be included in any new website design being created for your business.

Start With A Goal For Your Website In Mind

It shocks us when a client cannot tell us why they want a website in the first place. The idea that it is ‘what everyone else has’ is reason enough to have a website is not one with which we agree.

You should set one or more goals that you want your website to achieve to further your business’s cause. These goals should then be communicated to whoever is building your website so that its design complements and supports them.

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