5 Key Questions You Must Ask When Selecting A Website Design Agency

If your construction company is in need of a new website, the options you have range from building it yourself (not recommended) through to employing a professional web design agency, which most certainly is recommended if you want the best website possible. Whether you wish to consider the specialist website designers at www.slinkywebdesign.com.au, or any other web design agency, there are five key questions which need to be answered during that selection process.

Answer each of these 5 questions, and it should give you enough evidence and insight into any web design agency in order to determine whether they are professional and skilled enough to build a website your construction company would be proud to have represent it online.

Can They Point You To Other Live Websites That They Have Previously Designed?

If you know any professional website designers, one thing they are not afraid to show you is their creations, given that they are proud of what they have produced for previous clients, with good reason. With that in mind, it bodes well if any web design agency you are considering is happy to steer you towards websites they are responsible for.

Where alarms bells should ring is if a web designer is reluctant to give you any URLs of websites and uses feeble excuses like ‘client confidentiality’. This is ridiculous given that websites are accessible to everyone online, so what are they trying to hide?

Does Their Planning Stage Include The Client And Their Ideas?

Any decent web designers will appreciate that a website exists to help promote the company which owns it, so it stands to reason that the owner(s) of that business might want to have some input into how they want it to look, and what they want included in it. A profession web design agency will happily listen to a client’s ideas and advise them what should and what should not be included to make their website the most effective it can be.

Do They Itemise The Design Element And Clearly Outline Their Design Processes?

If any website designers you are considering simply give you a quote that states ‘website design’, and a fee, then you have no idea whatsoever what that entails. For all, you know it could be a free WordPress template they give you. Web design agencies that are considered professional are those that provide detailed and clear outlines of the many tasks they will undertake in designing your website, and what is included in the website design package which you purchase from them.

Do They Provide Timescales And Lines Of Communication To Report Their Progress?

Another important factor in your website’s creation is exactly how long it should take. A professional web design agency will give you the timescale and will be upfront with you about any potential delays that could occur. They will also set up the means by which you can communicate them. The best agencies will allocate you a website design project manager who oversees your website’s creation from start to finish and provides you with regular updates along the way.

Are Their Website Design Fees, Clear, Detailed And In Writing?

You want to know exactly what your website is going to cost, and a professional website design agency will tell you, with them normally itemising each service which is included. They will provide this is in writing and should guarantee that there will be no additional fees or costs added to the price of your website’s design.