Shopping for groceries? There’s an app for that

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil, and we think, best done online without stepping foot in the supermarket.

Woolies are hoping their new iPhone app will make grocery shopping just a little easier.

The TV ad with Amanda Keller shows Amanda and hubby using their smartphones to scan barcodes from their empty cartons in to make a shopping list – that looks pretty useful. You can also search for product names and add them to your shopping list.

It doesn’t yet allow you to fire up your online shopping account and order everything to be home delivered tomorrow, but hopefully this is a future enhancement. That would make it almost the perfect solution – if it was synchronised to existing online shopping data and allowed you to amend shopping lists, and add new items to your online list from the app.

However, it does let you create the all important shopping list, and if you input your data, it can present the list in the order of the aisles in your local Woolies. The app can also tell you where to find particular goods in the store. That’s useful and much easier than finding a person to ask in most grocery stores!

The user experience is apparently well thought out, and the Android version will be coming soon.

This is a great first step towards an integrated mobile shopping solution. Good work Woolies for thinking about how to make life easier, and putting good thought into the user experience as well. Anything that makes grocery shopping less painful is a good thing.