How To Keep Visitors On Your Wills Lawyer Website For Longer With Great Web Design

One of the reasons you undoubtedly have a website for your wills lawyer business is the hope that if someone visits it they will take some action that moves them closer to becoming one of your clients. There will be many reasons why an individual chooses to take a positive action  such as requesting a call, or an appointment, or a negative one , such as clicking away immediately.

One of the biggest influences of those behaviours is going to be the design of your website. You will often hear online marketers wax lyrical about how important the content on your website is, and indeed that is true. However, how well or how poorly your website has been designed has just as much a say as to whether a visitors feels they wish to spend time there, or cannot leave quickly enough.

Apart from the obvious point about you losing a potential client if they click away, the time someone spends on your website can also play a significant role in where Google decides to rank your website. Great rankings are priceless as they can bring a lot of free traffic to your website, but conversely , poor rankings mean your website is effectively anonymous to those searching on Google for a wills lawyer.

So, if we want someone to stay on your website for longer, then what steps can you take to achieve that? The first thing to do is some research. You could ask friends, colleagues, and associates to give you an honest assessment of what they think about your website. There will be good and bad feedback and that can be invaluable in helping you decide what changes you need to make.

One key aspect of your website is what first impression it gives a visitor, starting with how quickly it opens up in a browser. If it is sluggish then you will have people clicking away before they even see the home page. To fix this, check for website elements that are using excess bandwidth and remove them or optimise them.

You also want to check every page of your website for errors and glitches. Often a business owner is completely unaware that their website has faults, and then wonder why their rankings are dropping. Do these checks on regular basis and obviously fix any errors you come across.

Next we come to the navigation throughout your website. This is basically the means by which any visitors can move from the page they are currently on to another. Navigation elements include a search function, a home page button, and most  important of all, a menu.  Having a menu which is simple and merely requires a visitors to click and they will land on the page they want, is all it takes.

You will find that the easier it is for someone to move around your website and not feel confused is one of the most desirable aspects of any website, and a sure-fire way to encourage them to remain there for longer.

As we are discussing the design of your website, we next come to the layout of its pages. Ideally, you want a level of consistency through as this not only allows you to embed your branding in the mind of visitors, but it again makes any visitors feel more at ease. In other words there is no incongruency that could cause some confusion.

Staying with the design, and given that you are a wills lawyer,  you want your website’s design to match what most people would expect to see on a website for that kind of business. This means no bold colours, weird animations, or zany photographs. instead it must emanate professionalism.

Finally, as you want your website to encourage visitors to become clients, your website’s design should include one or more pages showing those visitors why they should choose you. This can include testimonials, reviews and you should also include some information about you, your qualifications and those of others who work with. These may well be what convinces them to become your client.