5 Email Marketing Errors Removalists Companies Must Avoid At All Times

If you have read any of our other posts and articles relating to online marketing you will have doubtless seen us strongly recommending email as an online marketing channel. For all kinds of businesses, including removalists, email marketing provides one of the simplest, but most effective means of communicating your message to prospects and existing customers.

Given its simplicity, it might seem strange that so many businesses try email marketing but soon give up because they do not see any positive outcomes. They then assume that what they had read about email marketing being so effective, was wrong. The issue that has arisen is not that email marketing does not work,  but that how they are using email marketing is incorrect.

In most cases where a business is failing to see any positive outcomes from their email marketing, you can usually identify one of the five most common mistakes made when using email for marketing purposes. To help you avoid these same mistakes we have outlined them below along with advice as to how they can negatively impact any email marketing campaign you implement for your removalists business.

Poor Subject Lines Meaning Emails Do Not Get Opened

One of the objectives of every email campaign you create for your removalists business is to ensure your emails get opened. If they do not, the result is the same as if you had not sent the emails at all. The key to great email open rates is the subject line. Expert email marketers spend as much, if not more, of their energies in creating awesome subject lines as they do on the main email text. So, take your time and ensure your subject lines entice subscribers to open your emails.

Too Much Text In Emails Which Subscribers Cannot Be Bothered Reading

If you imagine your subscribers opening an email and the text looks like an essay, they will be inclined to not bother reading it. The internet is a place where people have short attention spans and where they want everything to happen as quickly as possible. For this reason, you should try to keep your emails reasonably short, and within them, break the text down into sections so they are easier to read.

Failing To Personalise Emails And So They Become Lost In The Crowd

Most people’s inboxes receive multiple emails a day, and the tendency is to skip through and delete those that appear to be of no interest to them. One way you can ensure that they at least stop and open your emails is to personalise them. Email autoresponders enable you to include the person’s name in the subject line and throughout the email, so make use of this feature where possible.

No Clear Calls To Action So Your Emails Are Simply Closed After Being Read

Every email you send to your subscriber should have at least one purpose. On multiple occasions that is likely to be that they click on a link within the email. As such, it is imperative that you let your subscribers know that is what they should do, and better still, give them several opportunities to do so throughout your emails by placing the link on more than one line of the text.

Overly Aggressive Sales Pitches And Too Many Promotional Emails = Unsubscribes

You can certainly use email marketing to promote your removalists business, and that includes making specific offers for special deals or time-limited promotions. However, what you do not want to do is to send email after email that only ever shouts “BUY ME”. This is a shortcut to you losing subscribers because they feel they get no benefit from reading your email. In addition to promotions, send emails that offer advice, answer questions, and provide case studies, for example