5 Tips To Ensure Your Recycling Business’s Google Ads Campaign Is Successful

When it comes to marketing your recycling business online, there are two main classifications of traffic, and these are organic traffic which comes from the search engines, and paid traffic which can come from any website where your online paid advertising appears. As for which specific form of paid advertising you use, the digital marketing professionals have no hesitation in recommending Google Ads.

Using Google Ads has many benefits including increased numbers of leads, the ability to edit and improve your ads, you can see immediate results (often within minutes), and you are in full control of your budget which means you can move your ad’s budget up or down depending on your current marketing strategy.

If you do decide to set up a Google Ads campaign there are several ways in which you can improve your chances of success, and most importantly increase your return on investment. Here are 5 of them, which, if you follow them, can make a huge difference to your Google Ads campaign’s performance.

Tip #1: Spy On Your Competitors

One of the best ways to ensure your Google Ads campaign is successful is to model it on the campaigns of other businesses who are using it successfully, especially your competition. Now, we are not for a second suggesting you copy or steal their ads, but instead to look at them and emulate them. Look at what types of images they use, what keywords they are targeting, check the call to actions in their ads, assess the ad copy, and try to better them all.

Tip #2: Select Your Keywords Carefully

The keywords you select will play a huge role in how well your campaigns works, and also the return on investment you get. If you have the budget to target high volume keywords then do so but you must not ignore the hundreds of low-competition keywords that cost less per click, and which can still all cumulatively generate lots of traffic to your website from your ads.

Tip #3: Target Local Areas And Locations

We are presuming you are a local recycling business given that not many operate globally and thus it is imperative that your keywords incorporate the towns, cities and also areas within them such as neighbourhoods and council areas. This is because whenever someone searches Google or any other search engine for a recycling business, they are more likely to enter a search term that includes their location, and you want your ad to appear for those location-based searches.

Tip #4: Triple Check Your Ad Before Posting It

There is nothing that screams out ‘Unprofessional’ more than spelling mistakes and poor grammar on a business’s published material, and that is especially the case with your Google Ads. Check them thoroughly for mistakes and we would advise you to also get someone else to check them for you. Also read through your ads and ask yourself if the message you wish to impart to those who read your ads is being delivered in the best possible way to generate a click.

Tip #5: Test, Tweak, Repeat

This 5th tip is the one that can take your Google ads campaign from being reasonably successful to one which hits the stratosphere. With you being able to monitor each ad’s performance and tweak it accordingly, you can measure each change and how well it improved your ad’s performance or not. If you go through this process continuously, your ad will keep on improving, bringing you ever-increasing levels of traffic.