How Landscapers Can Create A Highly Successful Blog For Their Business

Many landscapers have websites to help promote their business and the landscaping services which they offer to local residents and businesses. Each of those websites will differ, both in their quality, and their design, and you do not need to be a digital marketing expert to know it is the ones that have been professionally designed with high-quality content that will be more successful.

Part of that will be due to how much those who visit the website become engaged with it, to the extent they may request a call to discuss a landscaping project. The other reason is that better quality websites with great content are identified by Google as being so, and therefore those websites are likely to enjoy higher rankings when someone searches for landscapers in their area.

One of the most successful strategies for gaining the positive outcomes we have just mentioned is to have a blog as part of your website. A blog is the part of a website where content such as articles, videos, images, infographics and audio are all posted by website owners with the view that visitors to the website will enjoy and consume that content.

Many landscaping business owners are unaware of just how many benefits creating a blog on their website can generate which is a pity because there are several as you can see below.

  • Boosts SEO and that can mean higher ranking on search engines
  • Can help bring visitors to the website
  • Can help gain the trust of visitors and prospects who later become clients
  • Can help augment the landscaping business’s branding
  • Boosts the credibility of the landscaping business
  • Content from the blog can be repurposed for use in other marketing campaigns
  • Can be used to promote landscaping services and special offers

That is an impressive list, but how do you create a blog that can see your landscaping business realise these benefits? Well, here are five steps that you should follow that will have you well on the way to making that happen.

Research Your Audience

One of the key principles of creating anything online, especially a blog, is that you discover what your target audience wants and then give it to them. This means before you even decide upon your first blog post, you should research those to who you wish your blog to appeal and discover what sorts of content they enjoy. One option is to research existing successful landscaping blogs, or you could create a short survey on your website.

Plan And Create Your Content

Once you know what content your new blog’s audience wants, it is now time to plan for its creation. Do not worry if you hate writing because you do not need to create any of it. Instead, hire freelance writers and content creators online who are hugely talented and can create awesome content for your blog. They will also do so for fees that are more than affordable.

Apply SEO To Your Blog

This is the step where you are going to make Google notice your blog and hopefully rank highly when relevant searches occur. Much you can do yourself, but we recommend asking an SEO agency to fully optimise not just your blog, but also your entire website for the best results.

Get The Word Out About Your Blog

Notwithstanding what traffic SEO can create, you need people online to know that your blog exists. This is where you get the word out by posting about it on social media, creating backlinks from relevant websites with guest posts, and mentioning it in every email in a tagline with a link to your blog under your name.

Check Your Blog’s Performance Stats And Optimise Accordingly

Your landscaping blog’s success will be greater if you monitor its performance and then adapt your actions thereafter. For example, which posts get the most comments and likes, which get the most click-throughs from the links within them, and which keywords are you ranking highest for? All of that and more will help you improve your blog’s performance.