Social media case study How UBank are using social media

We’ve been hearing positive rumblings about the team at UBank and their use of social media. So we decided to go and meet them to learn about what they’re doing in the social media space and how they’ve managed to build social media into their strategy from the ground up. We met with their social media manager who shared some insights and background about the journey of the UBank team and social media.

UBank are doing plenty of interesting campaigns and activity in the social space, and social media is an integrated part of all campaign activities.

They have paired their innovative brand position of being an online only direct bank, with using technology and social media as a pillar of how they service their customers. Some examples of this include Skype calls for customer service and crowd-sourcing ideas for new product development.

We also asked UBank to share any key learnings with our members, including how they are measuring the value of their social media efforts, what tools they find most useful and whether they agree with the use of social influence scores to determine customer service priorities.

The report includes lots of interesting insights – thanks to the team at UBank for sharing their thoughts.